Birthday Shows

Meet Sunny Dee Lightful! Looking for the next big thing in children's entertainment? Book Sunny Dee's sun-sational and illuminating clown show! Ships Ahoy! Incorporating story telling, music, face painting, and balloon theater for a row-raising good time! Jungle Safari Adventure! Travel deep into the jungle through story telling, using improv, puppets, magic, and imagination.   […]
Ariel Princess Party Austin Texas

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Lone Star Farmer’s Market!

I love, love, LOVE face painting for the Lone Star Farmer's Market in Lakeway! I'm serious, I could write a post every week about how wonderful the vendors are and how friendly and fun the shoppers are! Everyone has a smile and their sense of humor is front and center. The market is growing faster […]

Rainbow Birthday Party!

You can't go wrong with a rainbow themed birthday party! This delightful celebration was put together for a little darling turning four years old! You should have seen her tutu! She and her mommy made it and it was rainbow beautiful. Themed parties are so much fun to paint for! I painted rainbow crowns:   […]
you are more awesome than a double rainbow

Fairy Face Paint by Woo Who Austin Texas

Fairy Birthday Party

Fairies are near and dear to the hearts of many people in Austin, Texas, and it's not surprising that fairy birthday themes are one of the most requested parties I have! I was so busy at this party I wasn't able to take as many photographs, but I did snap some of the fairy faces that I painted! Enjoy!           Interested in having Woo Who paint for your party or event? Email Melissa at! Spring and Summer book up fast. Don't wait to schedule!

Market Faces

It has been so much fun to work with the Lone Star Farmer's Market in Bee Caves! Richie and Mickey do an amazing job running the show, and the vendors are as warm and inviting as the organic pastries fresh from the oven! Come see me Sundays from 10am - 2pm!   One of the coolest things about this market by far are the children of the vendors who have their own booths selling everything from duct tape bracelets to polymer clay jewelry! I can't wait to get my own kids set up with their booth while I face paint this summer.   Until school ends, tho, I will continue painting and making friends! Check out some of the cool faces I painted yesterday:   Thanks y'all, come see me every Sunday! Woo Who!  Something to get excited about!
Face Paint by Woo Who at Lone Star Farmer's Market

Juliet - Face Painter with Woo Who!

Hello Juliet! Face Painter Extraordinaire!

 Juliet - Face Painter with Woo Who!I have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful people since I became a children's entertainer! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Juliet! One of several amazing face painters who work with Woo Who! SO! Tell me about yourself! What's your name? Hi!  My name is Juliet.  I've been an artist my entire life, and I just love face painting. How did you get started in face painting? I was teaching art classes at a summer camp, and one day they needed someone to do some face painting for the children.  I figured I'd give it a try - it looked fun - and I loved it!  From then on, I was hooked! What type of face paints do you use? I use Snazaroo paints!  I love them because they're super safe and super easy to wash off. What is a favorite story you have about face painting? One time I was face painting at a family restaurant and a child came up to me and asked for a wolf face paint.  I was stoked, because I thought it would be a lot of fun to turn him into a really cute wolf. But when I  got out my white for a muzzle, he interrupted me: "No," he told me, "I want to be a BLACK wolf!"  "Oh," I assured him, "this is just for the muzzle and the inside of the ears." "No," he replied, "I want a BLACK wolf, with a BLACK muzzle and NO ears!  All BLACK"  And when I tried to get some grey for fur high lights, the same thing. No pink nose, either!  No matter what I tried, he wanted nothing but black for his wolf, it was so cute!  Finally, I painted his face completely black and showed it to him in the mirror.  I figured he'd want to get it a little modified.  "We can add a few adjustments if it isn't exactly right yet," I told him.  But he was thrilled!  "Thanks!" he told me enthusiastically, "I LOVE it!"  I love transforming kids into new creations, but it always makes me smile when they choose something I never would have expected, and just using their imagination and creativity, turn themselves into something completely different in their minds! What is your favorite part about face and body art? My favorite part is seeing how excited people are, and watching them turn into something else.  A quiet little girl, ferociously growling and pawing at the air as a tiger.  A boy turned into a valiant super hero.  Or a little princess, seeing herself transformed into a beauty queen.  Even adults get into it: it's as if they have permission to be or express new or different parts of themself through a beautiful, mobile mask, and I love watching it happen! What do you do in your spare time? I love spending time with my family, they are my best and closest friends and I love them so much!  And, when I get a quiet moment, I like to curl up and read a good book:) Interested in booking Juliet for your next event or party? Contact Woo Who at!   

Preschool Princess Party and More!

I have had many requests to do parties at preschools or during after-school care so I decided to put it on my menu! This party is timed to be approximately 45 minutes long. Your face painter arrives in costume to do simple face painting designs (rainbows and snakes) and to play party games.Preschool Party Face PaintI personally make special themed bean bag toss boards with special bean bags that the children absolutely love! You are welcome to provide candy or trinkets to be passed out as party prizes. :-)Frog Prince Bean Bag Toss Princess PartyBubble machines can be used, however only on appropriate floor surfaces such as carpet or outdoors. We don't want classroom floor tiles getting slippery with popped bubbles!Bubble Party Austin TexasWant a story time as well? Bring the birthday child's favorite story and after a couple of games we'll read to the class!Birthday Party Story TimeFace painters for preschool parties can easily attend as mermaids, butterflies, fairies, western, pirates or super heroes! If you are interested in a princess attending your class party, we can do that, too! Princess preschool parties include a meet and greet, a royal proclamation reading, birthday child crowning, story time and photos! Ariel Princess Party Austin TexasCinderella Princess Party Austin Texas While most preschools are happy to have us come in and celebrate with you, please be sure and get permission from your school's director prior to booking!Check out Woo Who's a la carte items if interested in themed goody bags! Price breaks are available for preschool parties! We're looking forward to celebrating with you! Woo Who! Something to get excited about! 
Bubble Party Austin Texas

Princess Party Bubble Ball

Princess Party Deluxe!

 This party was what I call a loaded potato - it had EVERYTHING! Think Party Pop Plus and add a Princess! Admiring the photos in this post? The client selected the photographer, too!It was a chilly, drizzly afternoon, but you would have never suspected from the fun and excitement building inside! The afternoon started with face painting! All of the little girls selected a simple tiara design. As they were being painted, others were getting their tutus on!(All of the dress up provided that you see the guests wearing in these photos was provided by Woo Who and theirs to keep!) Princess Party Woo Who Austin Texas After some face painting and dress up fun, the Princess arrived! The birthday girl exclaimed, "Hey! You're Pretty!" And didn't leave Cinderella's side for the rest of the afternoon.We read an adorable princess story... Princess Party Story Time Austin Texas We played some really cool party games! I made a bean bag toss game in the shape of the frog prince, with bean bags in the shape of kisses. The birthday girl preferred to "kiss" the frog with each bean bag mouth instead of tossing it at the opening! Frog Prince Bean Bag Toss Princess Party Princess Party Games Princess Party Games Austin Texas And then it was time for the magical ball! Princess Party Bubble Ball Magic bubbles - she's flying! The birthday princess had a blast! Princess Party Austin Texas Just before it was time to leave, Cinderella gave her one last birthday surprise... Princess Party Austin Texas Posed for pictures! Princess Party Photo Ops! And we blew out the candles for the perfect end to the perfect day. Princess Party Austin Texas This party is the Party Pop Plus with added Princess character for the party hostess and professional photographer!Interested in what Woo Who can do for you? Email Melissa at woowhoforfun@gmail.comWe're looking forward to celebrating with you!