Why Me

There are a lot of party and event planners out there. There are lots and lots of options for birthday entertainment. There are zillions of face painters. I found myself wondering today, what sets Woo Who apart?
When I decided to plan parties I had no idea what a good party would be.
I am a mom, I have three kids, but our parties are usually backyard blowouts - everyone we know is invited, we cook, we play, we socialize, and we have a lot of fun! But this isn't the party I would want to plan for others. I had to find a point of reference. I chipped and I chiseled and eventually from the stone formed an idea - what would child me want? I'm very in touch with child me and its a wonderful feeling to explore the dreams from childhood and be able to make them real!
I know the child in me wouldn't want to give back a costume! And so I found a way to allow the dress up items I use in my parties to be keepers instead of loaners. The quality isn't compromised, either! I see photos via Facebook of folks who have attended one of my parties and their kids are still wearing their goodies weeks and weeks later!
I know the child me loved to have her face painted! What a treat to be transformed by something so simple as paint and glitter into something so fabulous! And so I make face painting a part of every party experience.
I know child loved stories, the characters, playing games, dancing, and bubbles. How do I incorporate all of these into one event? Well I've hooked you now, haven't I?
Hello, cliffhanger!
While I can't give away the tricks of my personal trade, I can tell you that I create unique and thrilling details for all of my parties from the ideas of child me, and I get back as much as I give. Every smile I encourage, every squeal of delight, every peal of laughter grows joy in my own heart, and I leave my parties on cloud 9! It's a magical and motivating feeling and is why I want your experience to be perfect.
Move over Fairy Godmother, I am wielding the wand now!
Face Painting in Costume Austin, Texas