Mermaid Party Pop!

Everyone will be saying they had a WHALE of a good time at your party when you book the Mermaid Party Pop!
Mermaids spend most of their time under the water, so why not opt for water proof glitter tattoos?
Glitter tattoo in the works.
Sea themed glitter tattoos! Mermaids, shells, seahorses, just to name a few!
The little ladies arrived at the party and dashed straight to the mermaid who asked them to pick their tutu color, looped pearls around their necks, and placed tiaras upon their heads before adding their glittery body art. The birthday girls - twins! - each had a special green sea-weed boa!
Tiaras and pearls, mermaid party pop keeper goodies!
Birthday girl couldn't be happier!
Birthday girls and brother blowing out the candles.
The party photographed in this post included the party plan and photographer. A party plan is a detailed list of ideas for your party with ideas in categories ranging from types of games to play, to types of food to serve and even suggestions on creating your perfect themed decorations!
Starfish sandwiches.
Everyone had an amazing time, from the birthday girls and guests, to the parents, even I had an amazing time! I truly love my job, does it show?
Mermaid hugs!
I hope to be celebrating with you soon!
Goody bags filled with sea themed goodies, including saltwater taffy and bubbles!